Return Man, be the unsung hero and return the ball all the way back to the end zone in this sports-themed arcade game – Return Man 3! Avoid the defenders at all costs and show your dedication to the sports!



Created by ESPN arcade, Return Man 3 is a skill-based avoid-type arcade game based on the American Football sports. In game return man, you will take control of the return man and your goal is to run the ball all the way back to the end zone. However, your task is not going to be easy as a lot of enemy defenders will try to tackle you down! Make it around the defenders using your team mates. Watch out for the kicker for he will slow you down. The game ends if you lose 3 balls!


Mouse – Navigate
LMB – Select
I – run forward
K – run backward
J – run left
L – run right
Space – Continue
M – mute

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