Retrn Man 3 is a flash game online, CBO allows players to experience American football game attractive. In fact, return man 3 is the game like you are in control of NFL quarterback.



Challenged the ingenuity of themselves by playing return man 3 Do Control your players move on the rings in yellow on the field. You need to avoid the other players on the field, if they make you stop, the game will end.


How to play return man 3
This is a game that requires the dexterity of the players is not easy. There are 2 ways control your player, or it can use both, they perform similar functions. If a person who likes to use the numeric keypad while playing the game, then use the following keys

Press 8 to move the player forward, moving the 6 key players to the right, scroll down 2 players back, move the 4 key players left.


If you prefer to use the keyboard repair
Press L to move players forward, move the right key K, J key players move to the bottom and moving to the left is the H key
In addition, players can share their scores with others.
This is a game to attract more participants, please try this online game a little, and you’ll feel satisfied with it.

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